Lunch and Learn

We hold regular complimentary lunch events to educate on prearranging. Preplanning your own or a loved one’s funeral can benefit you or your family during the highly emotional time following a death. Identifying what you want or helping someone you love get what they want for their final farewell can be a great gift.

As one person said “helping ease my mom’s mind by asking her how she wanted her funeral to go, was an honor and privilege. It not only ensured that she got the send-off she wanted, but it allowed us to concentrate on being together as a family when she died rather than having to run off and make plans when we are all so emotional.”


Joseph Moritz
PreArrangement Specialist

Joseph Moritz has many years of experience as a funeral director and is our PreArrangement Specialist. He is passionate about helping families become prepared and honored to present at these events.

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