Wellsville Chapel
(Martin MacLean Altmeyer)

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Phone: 330-532-1553
Fax: 330-532-9313
509 Riverside Avenue
Wellsville, OH. 43968

About Our Facilities

The MacLean Funeral Home was founded when the MacLean Brothers, Philip and Daniel, partnered in 1881. They expanded their Livery business, started by Philip 2 years prior to the partnership, to “undertake” all tasks associated with burial of the deceased. The livery stables were operated on Broadway with a business office on Main Street. After the passing of Daniel and Phillip the business was carried on by Donald “Cap” MacLean and his brother Wilber. In 1937 the MacLean Brothers purchased the post-Civil War home of General James Reilly, the funeral homes current location on Riverside Ave.

For many years the funeral home has been partnered as the Martin MacLean Altmeyer Funeral Homes Wellsville Chapel. Former Funeral Home Manager Matthew Watson states “Today in 2018 it was time to take a close look at the needs of our community as we have remained consistent in doing throughout our 137-year history. What we found is that funeral service was in need of a change in our area. We are responding to that need.”


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