Calcutta Chapel
(Martin MacLean Altmeyer)

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Our Address

Phone: 330-382-0600
Fax: 330-382-7692
15872 St. Clair Avenue
Calcutta, OH. 43920

About Our Facilities

Calcutta Chapel is our newest location built in 2000 and the only building in the area ever built specifically to be a funeral home.  The facility is only one level with no steps allowing accessibility for the elderly and handicap.

The open floor plan creates a spacious, comfortable atmosphere. Calcutta offers a large formal chapel with traditional church pews and seating for 200. Our visitation rooms are large and soothing, our lounge has a refrigerator for refreshments, and there is an arrangement office with adjacent selection room.

Come to 15872 St. Clair Avenue today and see our state of the art Calcutta Chapel.

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